Thursday, March 4, 2010

D118: Outward Appearances

Opportunities come in all shapes & sizes. Down turn one down just because you don't like the door you have to walk through.

I had to make a very grown-up decision yesterday. I took a temporary job with a company I used to work for. I hated the job and had no intention of returning.

I start on Monday.

So why did I agree to go back? It wasn't about the money, nor was it about the job itself. I decided that if they were willing to meet ALL of my demands, perhaps I could do some networking in the process. When I talked to them yesterday, they pretty much let me write my own ticket.

One of the big reasons that I was not a fan of the job was because it was working for the federal government. I have absolutely nothing against the government, but the job completely stifles my creativity. I was not created to work in an environment of rule after rule, bureaucratic nightmares, etc. My creative freedom is paramount to my happiness and I refuse to compromise. I don't think there is a large enough sum of money in the world to get me to stay in a job that I hated.

Life is too short to be miserable.

Life was meant to be lived, not merely survived.

Manual: Page 00 - Manual at home, me at coffee shop

Images:Today I looked at a photographer that deals in restaurant photography. I will once again leave today's photog nameless, as I have my issues. The issues actually had nothing to do with the quality of the images, they looked great. However, the design of the website was absolutely horrible. If you're going to have a web presence, do it right. I didn't even finish looking through his portfolio, due to the fact that I couldn't stand navigating his site. Fail.

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  1. I like this shot a lot. I usually thing that the "rustic door shot" is overdone and cliche, but I really like this one. I think it's the blue bricks in contrast with the door.

    By the way, I've started following your blog on RSS, so I see all of these, even if I don't comment. :o)