Wednesday, March 3, 2010

D117: Barriers

So many of us spend so much of our lives keeping people out. How often you make the proactive choice to let them in?

Locks were created out of necessity to secure one's property. Historians believe that the first locking mechanism first appeared some 4,000 years ago. Someone, somewhere came to the conclusion that people had to be kept out, for any number of reasons. We've been erecting various types of barriers ever since.

I wholeheartedly agree that locks & barriers have their place in our world. However, I can't help but wonder what our society would be like if we eliminated some of those barriers. Frequently, when I am walking around taking pictures I get funny looks from people. Most of them dismiss me and travel on their merry way, but every now and then someone will stop and engage me. These are the people that I love talking to. The act of walking up and starting a conversation means that they have one less barrier to overcome. For me, there are few things more refreshing than having a lengthy conversation with a complete stranger.

I think this is why I'm such a fan of anthropology. People absolutely fascinate me, on almost every level. I could sit for hours and just listen to people tell me about their lives. Every now & then I'll get a chance to just sit and listen to a senior citizen tell me about their life. Let me tell you, those moments are some of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. Our elders have a ridiculous amount of knowledge, if we're only willing to listen.

My challenge to you is to drop some of those barriers once in a while. Engage people, learn about them. Give back when you have the opportunity.

Most of all, LISTEN!

Today's image was not what I originally set out to capture. I was trying to get the composition right on a train heading under an overpass. When I was cursing the lock from allowing me to get closer, the idea just kind of popped into my head. Score 1 for new ideas!

Manual: Page 116 - Photo Information

Images:Feuza Reis
Great family lifestyle work. Its getting really close to that time of year for me, so I'm trying to soak up as much inspiration as I can.

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  1. I like the picture and love this post. I spent the first 30 years of my life being afraid of people and telling myself I was shy. The last few years, I realized I am not shy at all and talking to people, chatting with strangers is one of my favorite things to do. I haven't told my kids the "don't talk to strangers" rule yet ... maybe I don't need to.